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  2. Ah usually i would make an alternate edit without the tail on the skin to avoid doubletailing.
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  4. Alright never mind i got the sounds
  5. cringy monster school animations that is not safe for children is like.... mine-imator abuse

    edit: upvote if you agree

  6. Yeah i cant and Im a bit lazy
  7. Dude, don't post links. Copy and paste the image the link leads to.
  8. Both are decent. Sharper shadows and moving the camera down would probably be a good idea.
  9. Thanks! Sorry I'm late to reply! While I agree that cinematic looks much better, I don't really agree with making the FOV any lower. Thank you so much for your cc though!
  10. Make it yourself maybe?
  11. The first one (blue) is better because it contrasts the orange wings and thus draws the viewer's eyes. I would suggest making the torch 2 parts so you can separate the glowing bit from the wood, and make the posing look a little more like he's running. Lean the body forward, rotate the arms and legs more, and maybe make one of the legs come off the ground to show motion. Unless I'm looking at this wrong and he doesn't see what's behind him. If that's the case then don't listen to my posing stuff Anyway, looks pretty cool!
  12. bruh imma keep it a 100 witchu chief but that, that is funny gg
  13. Yeah I know it was a joke, don't worry
  14. is only joke no need to take seriously
  15. I feel like this can be turned into a meme... Oh wait, what is that?
  16. Yeah I need a Male gasp sound effect the ONLY good one I could find wasnt free and Im cheep so yeah Also a angry male grunt like the ones you see in Minecraft intros ( dont judge pls)
  17. So I updated and added more things in this Rig, hope you guys will like it Addition : - Added PUBG fictional scopes. (inculding short / long range scopes) - Added PMAG Magazine. - Added Quickdraw cover for magazine. Tweaks : - Fixed magazine size , color. - Fixed pistol grip size - Remodeled red dot and Holographic sight. Preview : DOWNLOAD HERE : http://www.mediafire.com/file/oxjbniv7no2a225/HK416+V.2.zip ================================================
  18. hello i am still alive and well not dead at all i made 2 ver of this wallpaper cus i want to know which one is better CC is allowed
  19. Do you ever think of animation as puppeteering?

    1. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      im trying to make renders ,not have an existential crisis

  20. Is it bad if i'm laughing each time i see the SCP thing?
  21. as said, it is a wip, so there will be a lot of polishing up to do
  22. my rep calls me superstar and it's very akward

    1. Ghatos


      That's because you're a superstar, deal with it

    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      i wanted to be called all star reeee

  23. nrtcb


    no, bc its not an image. open it in modelbench then you'll see how it does works maybe add different styles in next versions
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