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  2. Oh I didnt even think about bubbles.
  3. No. I just can't show it properly.
  4. Seeing a lot of new OCs and I really want to make another human OC and give him a nice taste of fashion. <w> 

  5. The lightsaber blades are casting shadows on the face of the guy on the right. I don’t think they are supposed to. (also it’s the LEFT eye that’s glowing, not right lol)
  6. Today
  7. I'm not good at english. That why i don't want to say so much. Btw Thank for suggestion.
  8. To the rigs: Lightsaber: @Adri526 Map: LeSaraSilva Constructive criticism is allowed here. Yeah, that guy's right eye is glowing, dunno why.
  9. Anyone's opinion on "Ready Player One"?

    1. OfficialCUYT


      I watched it a long time ago. I'd say it's a pretty good film.

    2. OzFalcon


      Book and film are both fun and good. Book gets a bit darker, film keeps things relatively light and the plot plays out like a 80s film

  10. Just a little too dark. Took me 15 seconds to see the buff Steve
  11. Annnnnnd say hello to Showcase, boi.
  12. IT'S THE BUFFED STEVE WHO SAVES THE DAY!!! Also... i love how stupid the security system is, you can accidentally breach the perimeter by going through a manhole entrance
  13. In the original opening, the characters are "standing completely still." too, so I respected that. Yes yes yes... Yes!
  14. That's cute as hell. I like the color scheme!
  15. You could have used some bubble particles in my opinion. im assuming the main guardian’s spikes bleed light, which is very distracting considering that it’s bright orange in a dark blue environment. overall, id rate this a 6/10. Cool wallpaper. Btw, i love the tip about affecting scenery with wind. I’ll definitely use that for my next underwater render.
  16. Thank you i'll improve more and more Thanks for the tips
  17. I’m quite disappointed by the actions of some members.

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    2. MojangYang


      Nothing much. Look around the forums, you can see a lot of arguments recently.

    3. XanderTheV


      He got downvoted by Ian on one of his creations for unknown reasons.

      He got downvoted by Ethaniel for giving constructive criticism.

      That's why this status update exists.

    4. MojangYang


      Not exactly, but they are one of the reasons. Don’t wanna talk about this anymore.

  18. The guardian’s spike is clipping through the squid’s body. Edit: that spike looks ugly, sticking out of the squid, okay? I was trying to be constructive. If you can’t accept that, I will stop viewing your posts.
  19. so your new character is hiding his buffiness huh
  20. This is what I got: D︎A︎R︎K, Y︎E︎T︎ D︎A︎R︎KE︎R︎;︎ S︎O︎M︎E︎T︎H︎I︎N︎G︎ I︎S︎ F︎O︎L︎L︎O︎W︎I︎N︎G︎ Y︎O︎U︎. I︎S︎ I︎T︎ T︎H︎E︎ PA︎S︎T︎ C︎H︎A︎S︎I︎N︎G︎ Y︎O︎U︎ ,︎ O︎R︎ Y︎O︎U︎R︎ D︎O︎U︎B︎T︎S︎?︎?︎?︎ Is this right, @IronDefender25?
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