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Change render settings halfway through animation


So basically I am making a warden animation thingy and I found a setting that really helped: Indirect Lighting. When turned up a lot, it made things like torches glow without having to manually select them to glow. Same with lanterns and soul lanterns (especially in ancient city).

Screenshot below:


If you turn it off, then it looks really bad because I turned the fog to be really thick and dense and made everything just a lot darker in general.

Now, in my animation I want Steve to be "revived" by some people in the village after he delivers the "final blow" to the warden. But the problem is that when I load the village schematic in to the animation, it looks like it's in the deep dark.


So I get an environment object and reset it to default. Now it looks too bright and if I turn down the indirect lighting, then the bit previously in the deep dark looks bad. A very easy solution is if I could change the render settings halfway through, but unlike the "Environment" object, there is no way I could do that. Please help!!!

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you can use environment keyframing to change the environment while in the animation also you can use instant transition to make instant changes

if it is too bright it can lead to camera settings or even biome settings

and to not make indirect strength too high you can just adjust bloom and the emissive to fix deep dark

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