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Looking to collab - Into The Pit

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Hey so basically I'm hosting a collab for the fnaf song Into The Pit by Dawko and DHeusta, just in time for the Into the Pit game coming out later this year too. If you're interested, do join.

But please do consider the rules;

  1. Please stick to the Minecraft style
  2. Match your parts as close to the original Into the Pit as much as possible (this is a remaster of the original after all). However, please try to be original with your parts, so no frame-for-frame stuff
  3. Do not bully anyone. There's no excuse for abuse.
  4. You gotta be decent at animation to proceed
  5. No phishing/suspicious links. Seriously, no.
  6. No NSFW animations or otherwise suggestive content.
  7. You gotta be at least 13. This isn't necessarily my rule, but a Discord TOS thing.


So far, I have 3 members, with 7 parts taken (a maximum of three parts are allowed to be taken per user). This leaves 8 parts awaiting to be claimed, so if you like collabs, this is your chance to join one. Thanks!

Link: https://discord.gg/CZcWxeaSWx

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