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Mine-imator 2.0.0 Continuation Build 1.0.1

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Hey there, I was wondering if something could be added to the Continuation Build.

In the animation program known as Source Filmmaker (SFM) created by Valve, there is a fourth ring, a light blue outer ring, for rotation. This ring is used to rotate an object or part of an object within the screen space instead of along the x, y, and z-axis. It could make achieving certain poses or creating certain movements quite a bit easier, allowing more freedom in what animators want to create.


Would it be possible to implement something like this in Mine-imator through this mod? It would save quite a lot of time and hassle for a lot of people, especially when it can be somewhat frustrating at times to be limited by the traditional rotational axes.

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I have a bug that I found with mine imator 2.0. For some reason when my Animation goes past frame 700 or 740 everything just break. For example in my case I was making a animation, and everything started to fly everywhere. And a item that was parented to a right arm wasnt where is should have been

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Hey mbanders this is probably the stupidest question I asked but if I update from Continuation Build 1.0.1 to Mine-imator 2.0.1
will everything be moved over to 2.0.1 seamlessly or will there be potential conflicts? Just wondering because I don’t want to break anything 😅

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