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Mine-imator 2.0.0 Continuation Build 1.0.1

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Some o' y'all are thinking you got pranked, but I'm here to reassure this is real. I've actually been keeping an eye on his GitHub for some time now.


And mbanders, if it reading, I have a suggestion:

Glowing signs.

And thanks for the continuation.

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The custom frame rate got be thinking: didn't the amount of samples that could be taken get decreased during one of the pre-releases (Pre-release 6)? Could the amount of samples also be customized?


Also, can instructions be made on how to compile? I have GameMaker 2.

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There is a bug with the Depth of field. I think it happens when the program wants to smooth the blur but it gets darker. I don't know how explain it but it happens when I turn the blur size and the edge highlight all the way up.


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