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On 7/11/2023 at 4:08 PM, NIKITA456877 said:

fatal error f5 .f_ck (PC )  Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3120M CPU @ 2.50GHz   2.50 GHzimage.png?width=759&height=427

potato gpu ig


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I have to sadly inform you that 1.20 and newer versions of Minecraft will be not supported anymore because development of Mine-imator is completed. The devs will not maintain, update the program anymore. I know that MI community made some aternatives to get 1.20 stuff to program. Like I know someone made Model and etc from 1.20 into MI with models. But that's only way to newer version blocks to MI. The rescourse Tap at forum or wait someone with modded version of MI but latter is highly well not expected. Or someone else is taking over development but that's all, mate. Sorry to give news in sad way

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oh damn. 😢 I thought that they said this update was the last major content update. I really hope someone new's gonna be in charge. this was like the best project from them. I love to use it! but now it's not getting any more updates!! 😔

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On 9/25/2023 at 8:09 AM, Fluttershy4972 said:

The theme of Minecraft Intro from any browse Minecraft Intro template in Mine Imator has bugs. Please fix it.

Delvopmemt of Mine imator has ended for a long time.

It means that Delvopers stopped working on it. It means no bug fixes and no new content. The next thing I see is only modded versions that fix those bugs

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Found a severe bug in the new build.

I run on Ubuntu 23.04
I just tried out 2.0.1

The shaded editor-render renders some textures blurred, even up close.

Flat-color render and full render both seem to be normal.

click link for screenshot


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What an AMAZING animation software, thank you for this amazing update and let it be the best final update we could have, ya'll had a great run with Mine-imator 2.0 it's sad to hear you stopped developing though.


PS. I'm working on an animated series using this software and hope to get the first episode out by VERY EARLY 2024, still making the map for it...


Thanks to David & Nimi for such a good software 👍

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I got some issues:

1.when importing texture packs the human textures does not show up

2.paths have poor performance

3.when set the path object detail accidently under 0 mine imator crashes.

4.some ui gliches that causes crash.

5.assets take too long to load

6.I had some problems when importing sounds:

when click on sounds folder mine imator crashes or opens the folder, doesn't shows the sounds and then crashes

7.point lights when goes over 4 mine imator doesn't respond and ends up crashing

and I would love to mine imator have these features:


2.json files support

3.connected textures

4.optifine jem file support

5.godrays(light shafts)

6.better reflections(sun reflection on water or blocks)NO MORE BLUE

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On 3/1/2023 at 3:00 PM, Nimi said:


Windows Installer   Windows (.zip)

Windows Installer 32-bit   Windows 32-bit (.zip)

Ubuntu/Debian   Linux (.tar)  

       Mac OS


  1. Development of new features has ended and only critical bugfixes will be done going forward. Future updates are not guaranteed and will be infrequent.
  2. Most AMD cards and integrated graphics cards are prone to have poor performance, artifacts, and crashes relating to high-quality rendering. If you encounter any of these issues, we recommend staying with Mine-imator 1.2.9 for your projects.



This being free software, please consider supporting the development team and website server costs with a small donation, thank you!

Donate to Mine-imator developers

($5+ one-time or recurring)



Version 2.0.2 (Nov 12th, 2023):


  • Adjusted Minecraft font.
  • Added a button to close the notification for a new update.


  • Fixed Ambient Occlusion not behaving correctly with Opacity and Emissive values.
  • Fixed crash when using a skin texture for Armor special blocks/body parts. (The texture is now ignored, as only resource packs are supported.) 
  • Fixed blurry textures in the Shaded mode on Mac/Linux.
    • Known issue: This fix causes the enchantment glint to not be blurred for these platforms.


Version 2.0.1 (Oct 28th, 2023):

  Reveal hidden contents

Minecraft support

  • Updated Minecraft assets to 1.20.2.
  • Added armor, with armor editor for applying trims and leather dye colors.
    • Armor can be easily added to characters by parenting the armor object to the character and enabling "Inherit Pose" on the armor.
  • Added "Enchantment glint" effect for timelines.
    • Texture, scale, speed, and strength can be changed in an object’s Appearance tab.
    • Speed and strength can additionally be modified globally in Render settings.
  • Maps from Minecraft worlds can now be imported as textures.
    • [Your Minecraft World]/data/map_[number].dat
  • Imported glowing sign text is now emissive and outlined.
  • Added special blocks for paintings and item frames.
  • Blocks with the 'random_offset' tag are now randomly offset on the Y axis (grass, ferns, etc.).
  • Added "floor_box_uvs" setting for .mimodel files, making the model simulate Minecraft Bedrock's UV behavior.


  • Added "Inherit Pose" setting for characters, special blocks, and custom models.
    • Position, rotation, scale, and bend values of the parent’s parts are copied to each of the model’s parts that have the same name.
  • Added color swatches, accessible through the new "Set color..." and "Mix in color..." options for color values in the context menu.
    • "Set color..." will simply change the color value to whichever color swatch is selected.
    • "Mix in color..." will mix the current color value with the selected swatch (e.g. dying leather armor multiple times).
  • Added "Speed / Pitch" property for sounds in audio timelines.
  • Added custom frame rate option when exporting a movie.
  • Added Sun and Moon sprite angle and size properties under "Sky background" tab.
  • Added "Outline" property for text.


  • Improved dropdown menus:
    • ‘Ctrl + Scroll’ while hovering a menu will move between items.
    • Search prompt is now shown when opening a menu.
    • Keyboard navigation (Up/Down/Enter) is supported for selecting menu items.
    • Holding Shift while selecting an item will keep the menu open.
    • Hierarchy dropdown will show hierarchy path when searching.
  • When drag-n-dropping a new object from the workbench, it can be instantly parented to another object by clicking on it in the timeline.
    • Clicking anywhere else outside the viewport with a drag-n-drop object now always places it in the center of the project.


  • Improved block/model list search:
    • Expanded block variant searching to characters and special blocks.
    • A variant that matches the search query is automatically selected when clicking a result (e.g. Search "brick", click "Slab", Brick Slab is automatically selected.).
    • Variants of a selected item are automatically switched to while entering a search query in the workbench (e.g. Click "Stone”, search "smooth", Smooth Stone is automatically selected.).
    • Results whose names match the search query now appear in the list before results with matching variants.
    • Removed interface setting for variant search; it is now the default behavior.
  • Updated context menu behavior:
    • After clicking an option and opening the context menu again, it will position itself so the cursor is above the last selected option.
    • After copying/cutting something, the context menu will position itself so the cursor is above the "Paste" option.
  • ‘Shift + Right click’ on a selected keyframe in the timeline now opens the transition selector, skipping the context menu.
  • Readded Author field to "New project" and "Save as" popups.
  • Individual blocks for Iron Bars, Glass Panes, Fences, Walls, Chorus Plants, Fire, and Tripwire can now be fully customized in the workbench.
  • Shape texture offset, repeat, and mirror options are now visible when a material or normal map is applied (without a base texture).
  • Rotation wheels now snap to 0.000001 instead of 0.1 when snapping is disabled.
  • Made audio Start/End time draggers look fancier.
  • Splash screen now shows which Minecraft assets version is being loaded.
  • Banner/shield pattern editor now displays pattern names instead of layer number.
  • Blocky bending is now supported for Y-axis only limbs.
  • Custom item slot interpolation is now floored instead of rounded.
  • The Tutorials button now takes you to the Mine-imator 2.0 Tutorial playlist by @AnxiousCynic.
  • Updated credits.


  • Fixed Lens dirt "Affected by glow" not working.
  • Fixed Lens dirt not being affected by Distort and Chromatic aberration.
  • Fixed sounds with extended End time not repeating in animation playback.
  • Fixed custom fog object color not being animatable with environment timelines.
  • Fixed custom fog object color toggle not being saved.
  • Fixed "Randomize blocks" setting for block templates not being saved.
  • Fixed material map and normal map settings for item templates not being saved.
  • Fixed texture repeat fields for shapes resetting to 0 instead of 1.
  • Fixed minutes counter in timeline timer not resetting when an hour has passed.
  • Fixed Subsurface scattering Blur quality of 0 breaking certain render passes.
  • Fixed some minor issues with block texture animations.
  • Fixed crash when using custom JSON models as particles.
  • Fixed clouds still being affected by fog when both fog and ground are disabled.
  • Fixed inverse kinematics option appearing for some incompatible parts.
  • Fixed project corruption when using certain characters in a timeline marker’s name.
  • Fixed awkward behavior when zooming into the timeline.
  • Fixed some dropdown menus going outside of the window on smaller displays.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to open the Material tab in imported sign text timelines.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to open the Material tab in item timelines with material or normal maps applied.
  • Fixed camera viewport reverting to the work camera when loading an asset or workbench particles.
  • Fixed "Deselect keyframe" and "Deselect timeline" shortcuts not appearing in the shortcut bar.
  • Fixed the "Deselect keyframe" shortcut using the Shift key instead of Control.
  • Fixed the Home Screen option creating empty projects with no filepath.
  • Fixed characters from projects prior to 1.1.0 not loading properly.
  • Fixed viewport selection not working if bottom-most timeline was color-filtered.
  • Fixed Blend color modifier appearing squished in Simple mode.
  • Fixed "Reset all values" option resetting Glow color to black instead of white.


Version 2.0.0 - Anniversary Update (Mar 1st, 2023), changes since 1.2.9:

  Reveal hidden contents
Mine-imator 2.0, the 10th anniversary update brings numerous additions including a new UI, new renderer, animation features, multiplatform support and 3D world importer. Thank you for your help with feedback and finding bugs during the pre-release phases and we hope you enjoy the update!
  • Updated the interface to use “Inventory”, a new interface design by Voxy.
  • Updated Mine-imator logo and program icon.
  • Startup changes
    • Added splash images to the startup screen.
    • Projects can now be pinned to the top of the project list.
    • Projects can now be sorted by name and date last opened.
    • Changed project thumbnail size.
  • Multi-monitor support
    • Drag the timeline or secondary view out of the window to detach as a new window
    • Alternatively, click the new “Pop out”/”Reset” buttons
    • Monitor setup is saved when re-opening Mine-imator
  • Added new program modes
    • Simple: Recommended for beginners, complex features/settings are hidden.
    • Advanced: For users familiar with the software, granting access to all features/settings. (Requires upgrade.)
  • New world importer
    • 3D interface integrated into software
      • Left click: Rotate/Create selection
      • Middle click: Pan
      • Right click: Fly (+WASDQE)
      • Mouse wheel: Zoom towards/away from cursor
      • Shift: Ignore selection
  • Increased performance and stability improvements
  • After importing from a world, clicking the “Reload” option under “Resources” will update the block changes from the world (if still present on the disk)
  • Added interface setting to split controls into specific tools:
    • Select tool (No gizmos.)
    • Move tool (Position arrows and planes.)
    • Rotation tool (Rotation wheels.)
    • Scale tool (Scale handles and XYZ editing.)
    • Bend tool (Bend wheels.)
    • Transform tool (Move, rotation and scale tools combined.)
  • Timeline changes
    • Added icons to timelines.
    • Added icons to preview the contents of folders.
    • Added new playback buttons:
    • Skip between keyframes in select objects.
    • Move forward/back by 1 frame.
    • Play from the start of the selected region.
    • Added timeline markers.
    • Added "Ghost" toggle for timelines to hide them from the list.
    • Added "Color tagging" to help highlight and filter timelines based on selected color.
    • Added size and offset settings for interval markers.
    • Added scrollbar for timeline name list.
    • Keyframes can be selected by clicking them once.
    • Timeline selection time/frames is now displayed next to project time/frames.
    • “Loop” options have been combined into a single button, clicking will cycle the modes. (Disable looping, Enable looping, and Enable seamless looping.)
    • Timeline zooming now requires the 'Control' button to be held. (Scroll wheel now scrolls vertically through timeline, hold Shift to scroll horizontally.)
  • Drag-n-drop mode when adding objects from the workbench after clicking “Create”
    • Objects are locked to the mouse and snap to the world until released.
    • Hold Shift while clicking “Create” to spawn at 0,0,0.
    • Hold Shift while dragging to toggle position snapping.
  • Added basic math support for number boxes. (ex. “1/16” = 0.0625)
  • Added support for common textbox shortcuts:
    • Home/End key support to jump between the start/end of lines.
    • Word skipping. (Ctrl + Left/Right)
  • Added support for manual input in sun/moon time and rotation wheels.
  • Added filter settings to sortable lists. (ex. Library has settings to filter each instance type.)
  • Added themes (Light, Dark, and Darker) and customizable accent colors.
  • Added interface scale setting for high DPI monitors.
  • Added preview images for lights, cameras, and environment timelines in the workbench.
  • Added "Save as" shortcut.
  • Added “Cancel” option when exiting an unsaved project or exiting the software via “X”.
  • Assets and files can be dropped into the software from the system file explorer.
  • Added camera panning. (Shift + Drag left mouse button)
  • Added "View instance" shortcut to jump to a selected object.
  • Reorganized the Workbench. (ex. Lights and Shapes are in one menu.)
  • Replaced the toolbar with “File”, “Edit”, “Render”, “View”, and “Help” dropdowns.
  • Audio can now be previewed at different points in the resources tab.
  • Holding "Control" while group-selecting keyframes will now deselect them.
  • Holding “Shift” now allows for precision when dragging components.
  • Shortened panel tabs now show a tooltip of the full name when hovered.
  • Added "Compact panels" setting, always on if the window is too small.
  • Added "Reduced motion" interface setting. (Disables most UI animations.)
  • Object proportions are now correctly preserved with XYZ scaling.
  • Grid overlay settings are now saved per-project.
  • Added an “About Mine-imator” popup with credits and links.


  • “Render” and “Graphics” settings are now saved per-project under the “Render settings” tab in “Project properties”.
  • Added Render presets:
    • Performance: Basic rendering features for faster rendering.
    • Balanced: All render effects enabled with low-mid quality settings.
    • Extreme: All render settings enabled with best possible quality.
    • Custom: Allows for complete customization of all available render settings.
  • Custom render presets can be exported and imported into other projects.
  • Custom render presets can be “Set as default settings” to be automatically copied over into new projects.
  • Added render quality modes.
    • Flat: No shading at all, the entire scene is set to fullbright.
    • Shaded: Basic lighting and shadows, similar to Low Quality mode in pre-2.0 Mine-imator.
    • Render: All advanced render features, similar to High Quality mode in pre-2.0 Mine-imator.
  • Camera effects can now be previewed in Flat and Shaded mode, and toggled with the “Enable/Disable camera effects” button.
  • Added High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, allowing for much brighter & darker lighting scenarios. (Only the scene is affected. Fog, sky, etc. are not.)
    • Added “Tonemapper”, “Exposure”, and “Gamma” render settings under “Light management”. (Also available in camera timelines.)
    • There are three options for tonemappers in the render settings:
      • None: The Default setting. Faithful to how Mine-imator typically looked pre-2.0, only with more dynamic range.
      • Reinhard: One of the simplest and most common TMOs, very good at circumventing over-exposure.
      • Academy (ACES): An industry standard TMO, typically used for Movies, Photography, and more. Great for preserving the full range of highlights, shadows, and colors your creations may have.
  • Rendering now uses a sampling system, which takes multiple shots of the scene each frame to produce better results for certain effects.
  • Added Physically Based Rendering (PBR) support:
    • Introduces metallic and roughness properties.
    • Supports material and normal maps, using the SEUS PBR or LabPBR formats.
  • Added “Subsurface scattering”. (Replaces “Bleed light” settings.)
    • Added a “Highlight” effect for subsurface scattering.
  • Added alpha modes to change transparency is rendered:
    • Blended: Transparency behaves as it has previously. Has clipping issues but can be tweaked with “Render depth”.
    • Hashed: Noisy, but fixes most rendering issues with transparency.
  • Added “Indirect lighting” render settings, allowing emissive objects to illuminate surroundings.
  • Added “Reflections” render settings. (Screen space only.)
  • Added specular highlight setting to lights.
  • Added Cascading Shadow Maps, allowing for sunlight to be visible from anywhere in the scene.
  • Added “Transparent shadows” setting, which allows light to pass through transparent objects.
  • Added "Size" setting for light sources, determines shadow softness.
  • Added “Zoom amount” setting for the distort camera effect.
  • Cameras can be moved closer to objects before visually clipping through them.
  • Improved Anti-aliasing.
  • Improved ambient lighting.
  • Improved blurring effects. (Glow, bloom, etc.)
  • Improved anamorphic bloom streaks.
  • Watermark is now previewed in viewports if settings are open.
  • New "Padding" setting to offset the watermark from the edge of the render.
  • Reworked watermark scale.
  • Added "Render pass" setting to preview data used in "Rendered" mode.


  • Added “Inverse kinematics” settings for limbs:
    • Target: The object that the limb should try to point/bend towards.
    • Angle target: An object that the joint of the limb will try to rotate towards.
    • Angle offset: A rotation value to offset the twisting from the angle target.
    • Blend: How much IK should rotate/bend the limb.
  • Limbs that meet the following criteria will support inverse kinematics:
  • The body part must have bending.
  • Can only bend on the X axis.
  • "Joint end" (end_offset) setting is defined. (Ex. Distance from elbow to hand, knee to foot, etc.)
  • Added "Path" and "Path point" timelines.
    • Paths are constructed by adding “Path points” into path timelines.
    • Objects can be set to move along a path in the constraints tab.
    • Paths can be used to generate a mesh. (Flat or tube-shaped.)
    • Particles can use paths as a spawn region/bounding box.
    • If a path is a particle attractor, two settings are available:
    • Directional force: Adds force along the direction of the path.
    • Vortex force: Adds a spinning force around the path. (Like a tornado.)
  • Added "Bézier" transition, allowing for greater customization of transitions.
  • Organized the transitions list.
  • Reworked “Camera shake” setting.
    • Now determined by strength and speed for individual axes.
    • Added toggle for “Positional” or “Rotational” camera shake.
  • Block texture animations, wind, clouds, and particles are synced with the animation.
    • Particles will be cleared if the marker goes backwards.
  • Added rotation support for particle timelines, now rotates the “Launch angle” of particles.
  • Added “Wind influence” slider for objects.
  • Added directional wind settings.
  • Added "Twilight" toggle for environment changes during sunset/sunrise.
  • Biomes are combined into one list and can now be animated.

Other features

  • Updated Minecraft assets to 1.19.3.
  • Default clouds texture is no longer cropped to 32x32 pixels.
  • Updated default clouds settings to better resemble Minecraft clouds.
  • Added new color settings for leaf blocks for 'custom' biome setting.
  • Updated default particles. (Most now use “Launch angle” settings for rotation support.)
  • Added new default particles; “Electric spark”, “Potion effect”, and “Teleport”.
  • Added structure block file support. (.nbt)
    • Integrity can be changed to randomly filter out blocks.
    • Blocks filtered out by integrity can be inverted.
    • If available, palettes can be chosen.
  • Added support for custom player heads in scenery.
  • Added support for shields in the new “Pattern editor”.
  • Added "Trees4.schematic".

Engine changes

  • Converted Mine-imator from GML to C++.
  • MacOS support.
  • Linux support. (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • x64 Support.
  • Scenery/.schematic importing up to x10 times faster, depending on CPU cores.
  • Optimized memory usage for 3D meshes, meaning bigger scenery can be imported.
  • Generated scenery 3D models are cached in the project folder, allowing instant loading.
  • Project/resource loading stability improvements.


  • Renamed settings:
    • “SSAO” -> “Ambient occlusion”
    • “AA” -> “Anti-aliasing”
    • “Alpha” -> “Opacity”
    • “Brightness” -> “Emissive”
    • “Graphics” (Timeline panel) -> “Appearance”
    • “Background” -> “Environment”
    • "Show seconds" -> “Show intervals”
  • Renamed "schematic" resources to "scenery" in the interface.
  • Updated cloud name settings.
  • Optimized noise texture generation.
  • Loading popup will now show overall progress when loading multiple assets. (Ex. When loading a project.)
  • Resetting camera position/rotation now always defaults to 0.
  • Updated text when canceling movie exporting to "Are you sure you want to stop rendering?".
  • Exporting images now includes a progress bar. (Similarly to movie exporting.)
  • Sunrise and sunset no longer affect fog size.
  • “Sunlight Strength” is now 100% by default.
  • Timelines no longer use a random color for keyframes.
  • Moved settings:
    • The workbench button has been moved into the viewport.
    • Moved playback time and buttons into a new timeline header.
    • Moved “Blades” and “Blade Angle” camera settings into a new “Aperture settings” group.
    • Moved “Grid snapping” to the viewport toolbar.
    • Moved “View Grid Size” to the viewport toolbar.
    • Moved the "Select all keyframes" button into a right-click menu.
    • Moved "Add folder", "Duplicate/Delete/Export objects", "Walk cycle", "Run cycle", & "Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete/Export keyframes" buttons into a right-click menu.
    • Position, rotation, scale, and bend tabs are combined in a new "Transform" tab.
    • Color and texture tabs are combined in a new "Material" tab.


  • Warnings when attempting to create a project:
    • Empty project names will use a default name.
    • Duplicate project names will be given a numerical suffix.
  • Custom interface color settings.
  • Custom interface font setting.
  • FPS interface setting. (Custom FPS can still be set in the settings file.)
  • “Spawn near work camera” option. (Replaced with Drag-n-drop.)
  • "Shadow blur size" and "Shadow quality" settings. (Now controlled by the “Size” setting for lights.)
  • “Gigantic (8192x8192)” option for Point light buffer size.
  • "Follow camera" and "Sunlight range" environment settings. (No longer necessary with cascading shadow maps.)
  • "Desaturate night" environment setting.
  • "Noisy grass/water" graphics setting.
  • “Block glowing” / “Block glow threshold” graphics settings.
  • Rotation loops setting.
  • “Advanced Color Effects” button. (Now always visible.)
  • "Bleed light" / "Foliage light bleeding”. (Replaced with subsurface scattering.)
  • "Foliage tint" appearance setting.

Bugfixes (Since Pre-release 7)

  • Fixed exporting being stuck if a 2nd window is in "Render" mode.
  • Fixed crash when applying color tag to timelines if you didn't right-click a timeline.
  • Fixed issues with south pointing compass and mid-day clock item in keyframes.
  • Fixed audio soundwaves disappearing if too quite.
  • Fixed crash when loading structure block files. (.nbt)
  • Fixed window location changing to default location when importing assets.


Dear Mineimator Team,

I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you for creating Mineimator, a software that has been an invaluable tool in my video creation journey. Your hard work and dedication in developing such a user-friendly and powerful animation platform have made a significant difference in the creative community.

While I understand that updates might not be as frequent now, I am immensely grateful for the efforts and contributions you've made in the past. Mineimator has been instrumental in bringing my ideas to life, and its impact on my work is truly immeasurable.

Thank you for all that you've done. Your legacy in enabling creators like me to pursue our passions through animation will always be appreciated.

Warm regards,

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