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Turio's Simple Face Rig 2.0

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Hello Mine-imatorers, and welcome to the release of the 2.0 version of my face rig Turio's Simple Face Rig! This version has been in the making for months now and I'm proud to finally get it released!

This version features retextures of EVERYTHING! along with lots of accessories for you to use!

I hope you enjoy it :)

Video Showcase






-A lot more space for custom sprites!
-Eye sizes are now pixel consistent. Before, they were slightly smaller than a pixel
-Redid all of the textures for mouth, eyebrows, eyeclose, etc. to be less mixely. NOTE: You can still use the previous sprites.
-The pivot of all of the parts have been changed making it easier to add and subtract depth from them.
-You don't need to use mix colour to change pupil colour by default
-Turning off then turning on visibility no longer makes everything visible.

-An accessories sprite sheet that matches the old and new texture sizes.
-Both male and female eyebrows are now available
-Eyebrow sprites now have an inverse so you no longer have to rotate them.
-Eyes for 2 pixel tall faces (Yipee)
-New 3D Hats
    There are 2 ways of adding hats. The first way is by going into the '3D Hats' folder and importing them into Mine-imator
    The second way is by going to the '3D Mask' folder, importing the '3D Hat Mask.mimodel' file, then importing one of the many textures.


Example images:






P.S. I have an Artstation! Go check it out!

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