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trouble with fox girl in freddy's

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man i haven't used mine imator for so long..
but i'm alive 🙂
time for credits:
fox girl by: @Fox Miner(thanks man)

withered freddy by: ENDERLIGHT(yup that's right i have them :D)

facial rig by @SoundsDotZip(on me)
map by @ShotU(and someone else but i don't remember sorry)


as always rate it from 1 out 10

from now on i will rate myself
1 = not so proud(probably trash)

and 10 = i'm so proud of it


my rate is like 6,25 out of 10


it was meant to be also a teaser for my animation that me and her got teleported to fnaf

stay tuned k?



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Like it's good, though you could have slapped some light into their faces, but else, did you know that my model can bend the eyelids and the eyebrows, play around with it, you gonna notice what everything it can do


Wait the number: I give it a 8, because of the lighting, high camera placement 

Edited by Fox Miner
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