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Character Rig Request

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Hello all!

There is a character design that I made in Waframe that is really important to me and I would love to have it recreated in Mine-imator.

I'm not the best rigger and considering the amount of moving parts the character has (his scarf has multiple parts), it's really hard to achieve something like this. That being said, if anyone was interested in making something like this, let me know.

I've attached images and clips including the character design (if you think more specific photos are needed, let me know, I can make them and add them).

Main images:

As you can see, the scarf should have a grey outline in the middle (2 lines), but in the game it's not bright enough (I could make it gray, but then the helmet would be too bright).


The U metalics near the forearm can be omitted in the rig, it's not something this design needs, but it can't be removed in the game without removing the scarf as well.

I also attached photos without the scarf for more visibility:


Quick showcase video:


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On 9/21/2022 at 3:50 AM, SpideySpidery said:

i could try..

im not a experienced rigger, but i could try making weapons from warframe if you need them..

To be honest, I found a mod that worked with Mine-imator that had Tenno weapons, so no need.

Besides, I need this Umbra design for something else than Warframe animation (have another franchise in mind, where this design is the closest I could make within a game).

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