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Five Years of Service for the Community

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It has been five years since I first joined Mine-imator forums, so I made this little award for myself.


For the record, I roughly count:

  • More than 170 unique models made.
  • More than 130 models published.
  • Just more than 680 renders and animations.

And, I will make more creations and share it to the community! It's been an honor to serve this community.

Also thank you to everyone who supports me and appreciate my work, especially my followers, subscribers, contributors of my website, and loyal customers. Again, Thank you so much!


Decode the numbers on the award to get one of these models for free!

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Congrats, Its great to see how long its been, amazing how long you held on and what you managed to do through these years, sad that I couldn't see the progress, to have seen what you made, because that's the most beautiful thing about this, to see how the others started and to see their progress, mistakes and so many things, but I am glad to have met you in the first place!


You deserve this award!

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