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mine imator is for everyone?

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- hola mine imator es uno de los programas de animacion mas populares de minecraft, pero eso no significa que mine imator y su comunidad no puedan hablar español, porque yo creo que mine imator es para todos y es ridiculo que me hayan puesto una multa de "solo puedes hablar ingles" No digo que me moleste y no estoy tratando de atacar a alguien, solo creo que no es justo para aquellos que no pueden hablar ingles, porque el programa es totalmente para todo, ¿no es así?

- Hello, mine imator is one of the most popular minecraft animation programs, but that does not mean that mine imator and its community cannot speak Spanish, because I believe that mine imator is for everyone and it is ridiculous that they have given me a fine of "only Can you speak English" I'm not saying that it bothers me and I'm not trying to attack someone, I just think that it's not fair for those who can't speak English, because the program is totally for everything, isn't it?

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Mine-imator is for everyone, and the English-only rule is to make sure everyone can understand your topics (including non Spanish speakers). As the rule states, you can speak in Spanish in private messages. You may use Google Translate if you are unable to write in English.

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