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Mine-imator 2.0 Pre-release 4

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Keyframes are greyed out in pre release 4 still, also david or nimi whats the likely possibility of having a shader importer now we have a new engine? Could you explain the difficulties in this? Cant wait for pre release 5 and to see what else you have in store for us, you guys have done a phenomenal job, thanks.

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On 5/30/2022 at 4:47 PM, david said:




Good news! The legendary 2.0 Anniversary Update is here for testing on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms! This update is in fact so grand that it has been split into two phases that will be revealed over the next few months as pre-releases:

Phase 1 (May 30th): Multi-platform support, performance improvements, new world importer and multi-monitor support by @david
Phase 2 (September): New user interface, logo, rendering and animation capabilities by @Nimi, also includes all features in Phase 1 and Minecraft 1.19 support

Since these builds will contain many features and be built on an entirely new C++ engine, expect bugs to appear! As usual, please report them in the Issues and Bugs subforum with as much information as possible included in your topic and project files if possible.

Note: Back up your projects before installing, or install in a separate location!
Now, without further delays...


Get for Windows

Get for Windows (.zip)

Get for Mac

Get for Ubuntu/Debian

Get for Linux (.tar)

Get for Windows 32-bit

Get for Windows 32-bit (.zip)



2.0 Pre-release 4 (2022-07-29), changes:


  • Crushed some bugs 🐛🐛🐛
      Reveal hidden contents
    • Crash loading images with a width/height larger than 8192 pixels
    • Objects disappearing when "Blur texture" is enabled
    • Graphical issue with repeating textures
    • Graphical issues with custom watermark settings
    • Clipping issues for objects at large coordinates (1000+)
    • Objects in slightly wrong positions when loading old projects
    • White rectangles when pressing keys
    • White screen when dialogs are open
    • Can't record Mine-imator window using OBS/Discord
    • Crash loading projects with invalid .png/.jpg images
    • Crash loading certain schematics with doors
    • Crash when resizing windows to 0 height
    • Shift+A and Shift+D not working on Arabic keyboards
    • World chunks disappearing when the camera is below Y=0
    • D3DCompiler_47.dll missing error
    • Excessive loading times opening long animations
    • Loading worlds with certain Russian letters corrupts the project
  • Interface scale setting is no longer visible when the only option is 100% to avoid confusion

2.0 Pre-release 3 (2022-07-11), changes:


  • Added support for 32-bit Windows systems
  • Added tarball (.tar) download for various Linux distributions (Arch Linux, Fedora etc.)


  • Rendering now uses DirectX 11 for Windows, will give better framerates for users with AMD GPUs or integrated CPU graphics
  • Objects completely out of view are no longer sent to the GPU for rendering, will give a speedup in certain situations
  • Yet more bugs squashed 🐛🐛
      Reveal hidden contents
    • VCOMP140.dll missing error
    • OpenGL errors on Windows
    • Black grass side texture with texture packs
    • Keyboard button presses not registering during low framerates
    • Chinese fonts not rendering
    • Exported MP4 not playing when uploaded to Discord (PC)
    • Blocky bending broken for 3D planes
    • Certain schematics with signs crash the software when loaded
    • Secondary viewport doesn't immediately update after detaching the window
    • Crash when saving certain pre-2.0 loaded projects
    • Malicious software warnings removed when running on Mac OS
    • Gaps when scaling up shapes
  • Changed interface scale setting to use fixed values (100%, 200% or 300%)
  • Canceling movie export no longer deletes the file
  • Modelbench popup only shows up on Windows


2.0 Pre-release 2 (2022-06-13), changes:


  • Interface scale setting for high DPI monitors in Settings>Interface (Automatic or custom scale)
  • Render distance slider in Settings>Graphics


  • Squashed a lotta bugs 🐛
      Reveal hidden contents
    • Various missing DLL errors
    • Audio crashing/delayed
    • Oversized interface bug
    • Error messages importing certain audio files (.m4a)
    • You can now change the re-install location using the Windows installer
    • Crash starting the software when the Windows username contains certain characters
    • Shaders not compiling errors
    • OpenGL initialized errors (added support for 3.1)
    • Ubuntu dependency errors
    • Fog effect breaking with many objects/particles in the scene
    • Black triangle bug when dragging a file onto the window
    • WASD/Shortcuts not working for certain non-English users
    • Graphical bugs rendering overlapping surfaces
    • Slime graphical bug
    • Shift/CAPS lock not working in text fields
    • Line missing on instant transition preview
    • Graphical bug with film grain effect on integrated graphics
    • “Welcome” screen/popups moving rapidly up and down
    • Camera/Spotlight viewport scaling bugs
    • Dripstone/Bamboo block bugs (misaligned)
    • Issues loading worlds containing color codes (§)
    • Stained glass not appearing in scenery
    • Resetting interface font to default crash
    • Custom shortcut keybinds not working
    • Issues with canceling movie export
    • Cannot drag .miobject files onto the window
    • Crash loading certain chunks in worlds
    • Loading signs in old worlds turning to random blocks
    • Dirt path blocks not appearing when loading Minecraft <1.17 worlds
    • Ender chests next to each other disappearing
    • Transparent textures are darker than previous versions
    • Crash loading projects with particles
    • Crash loading projects with unavailable models
    • Crash loading schematics/worlds for certain non-English users
    • Crash loading worlds where the player is in the Nether
    • Memory leak with 3D planes in models
    • Items can’t spin or bounce
    • Transitions menu opening on the wrong screen when right-clicking the timeline
    • Water/Lava mesh holes
    • Asks again to add block timelines after reloading project and scenery
    • Foliage light bleeding broken
    • Non-AA fonts not working
    • Certain imported fonts being clipped
    • Blocks in the workbench invisible after importing scenery
    • Disabling the ground breaks the workbench drag-n-drop mode
    • Gaps when bending certain shapes in models
  • Added a more accurate FPS counter
  • Adjusted size of custom fonts in the UI
  • Removed option to add block timelines when >500 timeline are available (will return as an option in the Resources tab in later pre-releases)


2.0 Pre-release 1 (2022-05-30), changes since 1.2.9:


  • Mac OS support
  • Linux support (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Drag-n-drop mode when adding objects from the workbench after clicking “Create”
    • Objects are locked to the mouse and snaps to the world until released
    • Hold Shift while clicking “Create” to spawn at 0,0,0
    • Hold Shift while dragging to toggle position grid (modify size in keyframes, default is 16)
  • New world importer
    • 3D interface integrated into software
      • Left click: Rotate/Create selection
      • Middle click: Pan
      • Right click: Fly (+WASDQE)
      • Mouse wheel: Zoom towards/away from cursor
      • Shift: Ignore selection
    • Increased performance and stability improvements
    • Shortcut button in toolbar
    • After importing from a world, clicking the “Reload” option under “Resources” will update the block changes from the world (if still present on the disk)
  • Multi-monitor support
    • Drag the timeline or secondary view out of the window to detach as a new window
    • Alternatively, click the new “Pop out”/”Reset” buttons
    • Monitor setup is saved when re-opening Mine-imator
  • “Cancel” option when exiting the software via “X”
  • Assets and files can be dropped into the software from the system file explorer


  • Overall software performance improved by x3-5
  • Particle performance improved by roughly x10
  • Audio loading is now instant
  • Scenery/.schematic importing up to x10 times faster, depending on CPU cores
  • Optimized memory usage for 3D meshes, meaning bigger scenery can be imported
  • Generated scenery 3D models are cached in the project folder, allowing instant loading (will generate in the background, may take a minute to appear)
  • Project/resource loading stability improvements
  • Program now runs in x64 mode using C++


  • “Sunlight Strength” is now 100% by default (this setting may be removed in the future)
  • Removed “Spawn near work camera” option (replaced by the drag-n-drop mode which achieves the same thing)
  • New error message popup with direct links to log file and Mine-imator forums
  • Log file moved to application folder



Windows: Run the installer executable or extract the .zip archive before running.
Mac: Open the disk file (.dmg) and drag the Mine-imator icon to your Applications.
Ubuntu/Debian: Either double click the .deb file to run the Software Installer or run the following command in the folder:

sudo apt install ./Mine-imator\ 2.0\ Pre-release\ 2.deb

Mine-imator can then be found in your Applications menu.

Fedora/Arch Linux/Other distributions: Download the tar.gz archive and extract all the files, then run the Mine-imator executable.


We hope you enjoy the 2.0 update, also please consider donating to help the project if you can!


Donate to Mine-imator development

($5+ one-time or recurring)




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Is good that mine imator is getting more features that the community wants..

but the performance is getting worst and worst..

the main reason why i use mine imator is because of it little performance needed.. but now because of the updates, my pc can barely run a small Schematics.. but the old version work smooth as it is.

developer pls keep the performance needed as small as posspossible so the low-end pc user like me can still make animation..


- thank you for you time :)

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On 9/20/2022 at 8:33 AM, NickLD said:

Is good that mine imator is getting more features that the community wants..

but the performance is getting worst and worst..

the main reason why i use mine imator is because of it little performance needed.. but now because of the updates, my pc can barely run a small Schematics.. but the old version work smooth as it is.

developer pls keep the performance needed as small as posspossible so the low-end pc user like me can still make animation..


- thank you for you time :)

for me the newer version works smoother than the old version though, the old on use to be very laggy on my laptop but since the 2.0 realease it has been way smoother


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