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SIG MCX Assault Rifle

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SIG MCX Gen 1(a.k.a. MCX Legacy), Chambered in .300 BLK




3 Buttstocks - Foldable Telescoping Stock, Foldable Skeleton Stock, CQB Telescoping Stock

3 Barrels - 16" Barrel, 9" Barrel, 6.75" Barrel

2 Handguards - 12" handguard, 8" handguard

You need to hide attachments for customizing it


Adjustable Safety Lock, Trigger, Bolt Carrier, and Charging Handle

Foldable Iron Sights, Both Front and Rear Iron sights are foldable and movable


Including Separated Magazine, .300 BLK Catridge, and Dummy Magazine(which have no inner details and ammunitions)



Hope you credit me after using this on your creations :)

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