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I love if Mine-Imator added professional-level tools and keyframing/lighting options!

I would like some features that are listed below. If devs like Nimi or David is viewing this PLEASE TELL ATLEAST IF IT IS POSSIBLE (for now)

1. Motion Blur

Ability to add blur to moving objects with customizable properties like shutter angle, shutter speed

2. Advanced object property keyframing

To add keyframes for almost everything in the software like light strength, opacity, sun and moon control

3. Lighting/Rendering engine

I would like if the software added BETTER lighting and rendering engine. Like the lights could be more vibrant and customizable. And more light options would be appreciated (like Arial light, Sunlight)

4. Rig controllers

Ability to add "rig controller" like this


That's it!!!!!!!!! I  hope its possible!

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