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Bahasa Melayu v 1.5

Modelbench Bahasa Melayu v.1.5. Is here!
The translation it self is not 100% close, but it is about 97% close and complete.
Some words are not being translate due to my confusion of what it is actually are on our language. And this took me about 2 months to complete this with google translate for more accurate and non-accurate translations that I need to think hard to custom it even more so it fits to the user. The language it self does not 100% Melayu for easier user interface, some English words are ignored to prevent from confusing due to the not get used to it.





Feel free to supporting me by Follow, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, etc if you want to keep me motivated to Translate Mine-Imator 2.0 into Bahasa Melayu later.

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