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After I finished episode 1 (uploaded on my yt channel) I started on episode 2, and have been unable to progress it fast enough to be done soon. It's partially my fault, and also this episode will probably be longer than the first, but I am looking for some help to finish this episode.

The script is finished and 2 scenes are finished animated, but there are multiple others that need to be done.
 If the trailer above seems interesting to you and you want to help, these are the requirements:

You need to be able to finish the project given to you. Do not take what you cannot handle.

Must have discord. Do not tell me what yours is here, but through a DM in mineimatorforums.

Must be able to do decent animation. If you want to know what I'm looking for, check out the first episode in this series. You don't have to do perfectly, and I can edit things out or around if I need to. (I also find 'base animation' to work off of easier if you feel that's what you can do, it would still help.)

A way to receive project files. (gmail, google drive, for example)

DM me if your interested. If I accept your help, I will tell you my Discord and invite you onto the server.


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