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Mercenary Management [Mine-imator Card Game] WIP #1

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Back again to these forums,finally had a break from otther projects,so here one I've been working on.

Here my idea for a Mine-Imator Card Game I call it 

Mercenary Management

Borad layout and concept


Closer look at some of the Cards.


Credits to the ShinyGHASTTear for the Minecraft Dungeon Rig Assets.


Other things such as rules,game mechanics,and gameplay have been layout nicely.

I might make future post regaurding my progress with the current game.(Which would inculde a sample pack for you to see the cards and make your own.


This has been another ambitious project I've been working on.

Feedback is Highly appreciated!

And if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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Hey this could actually be a Forum game to lay our cards and so, but else this is very cool and impressive, take your time since a break is very good, go out have fun and when you feel ready to go then eat a cookie and then you can start!

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