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Mineimator Violet 1.0.6 (base on

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On 12/3/2021 at 7:33 PM, Excitablecell said:





Version 1.0.6:

  1. Now Violet can select the correct language file automatically

  2. Fix bug: Sometimes mouth-animator can't convert audio file into texture mouth model and curve mouth model

  3. Fixed the problem of camera contrast

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Version 1.0

  1. Base on Mineimator (support minecraft 1.18)

  2. Add diffuse reflection to the piont light and spot light 

  3. Completely fix the bug of bezier curve(graph editor)

  4. Increased the upper and lower limits of volume fog

  5. Mouth animator supports exporting animation to blockbench



Welcome to Mineimator Violet!

I am Excai, an amateur animator and programmer

Thanks to my friends, we have completed an exciting mineimator modding

Now let me introduce you to violet!



Post progressing update: 

You can moderate the color temperature of your renders now.

This new property can be found in ‘Camera-Color correction’.


We also improved the brightness algorithm in the "color correction" of camera settings. q6kipvY8rPSbeoN.png



Fog update: 

We added two types of fog in Mine-imator Violet, height fog and volume fog.

Both of them give your animations/pictures an entirely new look.

More importantly, they do not require expensive hardware or devices to use. Enjoy Mine-imating with them!

Height fog:

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Volume fog:

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Control FOV by camera length:

To handle some camera effects like Dolly Zoom correctly, we add a checkbox under the Field of View in the Camera tab.

When activated, "Field of view" will turn into "Camera length".

Now you can control your lens width smoothly!

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Bezier ease curve:

We introduce the Bezier curve to you in Mine-imator Violet!

Using the Bezier curve could make our animation more controllable and fluent.

You can find it in ‘frame editor - Keyframe’, where you chose ease curve before.

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Mouth animator:

Confused about making mouth animation? 

Our mouth animator will handle this hard-nut for you!

By using this mouth animator, you can get a correct mouth animation that varies in the mouth model.

Whatever your mouthes are, the mouth animator could generate animation based on the sound provided by you. 

You can find it on the toolbar, which looks like a lip plus.

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Model importer:

We always dreamed of importing some excellent models from Minecraft mods easily.

Now the dream come true! 

You can import models from particular Resource packs and Minecraft mods into Mine-imator now, only in the Violet version.

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Night theme:

Used to be a night owl? 

We provide an auto-changing night theme.

Take care of your precious eyes. :-)

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Startup acceleration: 

Violet version has reduced the software startup time by 50%.


Multiple resources import:

Violet supports importing multiple texture files at once


Contact us:

If you have any questions, please contact us in the forum or youtube 

Fourm ID:Excitablecell,Stanwade,ttrtty5,ChennyWang0311








i thought i was very lucky to find something like that, i just searched "" to look for an additional MI bugfix update and i found this. UNFORTUNATELY 4 ANTIVIRUS DETECTED AS TROJAN: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4d3df0ec55bcffb3a38e5345b053b6f4a04058e95202f783ac9fe6eaf30f2a46/detection 

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On 12/29/2021 at 11:32 PM, Wallace said:

我想我很幸运能找到类似的东西,我只是搜索“”来寻找额外的MI 错误修复更新,我找到了这个。不幸的是,4 个防病毒软件被检测为木马:https//www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4d3df0ec55bcffb3a38e5345b053b6f4a04058e95202f783ac9fe6eaf30f2a46/ion 


On 12/30/2021 at 12:28 AM, Creeperzio said:

奇怪,我的 microsoft acc 在我下载后 1 天被阻止,所以它是病毒

This is because these mods are not packed

the violet project is completely open source

If you are worried about this, you can check the code



btw I have noticed that the version of violet in virus report is 1.0.2.

Please update to 1.0.6

Edited by Excitablecell
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At first I must say, that I was hesitant to use this Mine-Imator Mod, but today I used it, and I really must say that they have done an excellent job.
Experimenting a bit, it is possible to make volumetric clouds with the fog:


I really hope you continue to give support this mod, or that Nimi (the current Mine-imator developer) can implement that you guys have achieved with this mod in a future version of Mine-Imator.

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