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Demon Hunter-Cardiff

As a child, Cardiff witnessed his parents being killed by the devil. His tragic past has created a calm but somewhat gloomy character. When he grew up, he became a policeman to fight the devil criminals. But has the past affected his judgment of all demons?

Shotgun model author:




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Impressive, very impressive.

I see you are new here, but have much experience in that what we do here all day!

I think you'll be great and that your name will be remembered in this forums.

But to get to the best you'll have to keep up the good stuff and soon you'll be a great member in the Mine-imator forums

This is a big welcome by the Friendly Fox_Miner from your neighborhood!

Welcome to the Forums!


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令人印象深刻 ,非常令人印象深刻。



但是要达到最佳状态,您必须保持好东西,很快您就会成为 Mine-imator 论坛的重要成员

这是 热烈欢迎 友好 Fox_Miner 的 来自您附近 !

欢迎 论坛


Thank you, I will continue to work hard!

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nice render and rig!

the thing i like about the rig is:
-the amount of detail you puts

and the thing i like about the rig is:
-nice lighting
-nice background and schematic
-and nice TREE!

keep up the good work :thumbsup:

Edited by animation dude 888
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