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Minecraft Story Mode: A New Adventure (working title) Voice Actors, Animators, Set Builders, etc

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I'm writing something taking place in the MCSM world with new characters and it's own unique story. I really don't want to give too much away, so here's a simple layout which doesn't include the Villain's backstory, but basically the villain


farms humans.


My mom is a professional writer, so these early drafts of just basic ideas will become more fleshed out. I haven't written down quite a lot of the ideas and concepts I've had. But I think I fully understand the main characters now, and that's the first step really. In order to keep this away form a generic MCSM Fanfic, I decided to tell a different story with new characters. It's set between before Season 1 Episode 1, to Season 1 Episode 4. Taking place partially during, but mostly after the Wither Storm has done its thing. I think I want it to be maybe 6-10 episodes spanning 5-10 minutes each

These are some early renders of the characters. I think I like how they look already, but I'm open to change them if someone presents a better look.


Feel free to add me on Discord.


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