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Drawn To The Bitter/Afton Family Remix Collab Map

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1. you have put your part on 1080p in 60 frs or 30 frs

2. stay in fnaf if you have to.

3. you have to use your logo as watermark on the bottom left but send me the Non-Watermark on mediafire.

4. If You want a part say "Drawn To/Afton Fam Number (*)" With Your Discord Username So i can Invite you then i will give it to you if not im okay with it.

5. you pick 2 parts on two teams at once or multiple parts if no one else is joining.

6. you can put your OCs And SpringTrap, FredBear, And ScrapTrap in your parts if you want to

7. only Sfm, Mine-Imator, Blender, Maya, DC2, C4D 8. MineCraft And Non-Minecraft

and that's it.

Deadline: July 21st 2021

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