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We are looking for animators (project: cubic squad)

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Hello, we are looking for animators for a Minecraft series. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. The idea is this: the main characters are three ordinary friends. Who one day meets the daughter of the creator of the end. A little about the creator himself: at first he was an ordinary person, but everything annoyed him, he considered the world not ideal. Therefore, he wanted to create his own dimension. He built the fortress and using magic books (which, by the way, were in the library of the fortress) created his own world. He turned everyone who got there into his slaves (Endermen). Over time, he realized that he could not live forever. Therefore, he created a daughter for himself who was in an egg that was protected by the ender dragon. His plans were to capture the overworld, but he did not have time to do this. End was defeated, but the egg remained. A girl emerged from the egg who wanted to continue her father's work. And disguised as an ordinary saleswoman, she caught people and forced them to work in the mine in order to extract the materials that she needed. Our main characters met with this saleswoman. In the series, the characters try to find out the truth about the end. To be honest, I can't say anything about the payment.

Contact me via discord (Pixol # 1636)

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