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Advantages of Modelbench

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I know this Topic is Useless but I need to do this

Modelbench is usefull in everyway, not just for Mine-imator but now because of the "Export to object feature" you can use it in many other programs as well like Blender



Feature number two. if you know how to use pivotoffset and know how to do a facial rig, you can scale it in Mine-imator as much as you want and it will not change the look of your facial rig

Even dough my Mine-imator is broken (is not my Laptop is crap) it works and this is proof.


Another feature of Modelbench is that if you create a Model you can't delete a part in Mine-imator. There is no proof needed here


Bending was very hard and is very hard to use if you don't use pivotoffset instead of position and I'm sure that its a feature because if you use positon you get a other result that might or might not be satisfying.


If you dont understand UV unwrapping this feature is none for you, UV unwrapping is a very important feature in many programs but in Modelbench its so easy made (sometimes it needs by hand fixes but thats no prob, what I wanna say UV unwrapping is very important for modeling and texturing and is used in all 3D programs


Modelbench is a very easy way to make models and it isnt even that laggy when you import it in Mine-imator. I dont have a image but I'm gonna tell anyways. I used Skibbz Facial Rig for a long time and every time I imported it my Frame Rate was "0.20" But when I did my own one in Modelbench It was at "16" AND I USE A LAPTOP WITH 4GB RAM LIKE WHAT THE!? Anyways here is how the Rig looked like



Still one feature is that if you make a rig in Mine-imator you have lots of loos shapes but in Modelbench the shapes are being hidden so that the Model is more orgenised

I Love this feature to be honest



This is all I see, but if you know more let me know pls


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