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Just a couple things I've made

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Basically I have never posted anything on the forums before, and I have been using Mine-imator for like...4 years?? Something like that. So here are some of my recent renders.RURtA5Z.png






All of these and more can be found on my instagram, which you can access on my profile, or this handy little link Sebastian (@buddercreations) • Instagram photos and videos

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That main guy with the crown I assume is your character?

Well, there are a few things that needs tweaking. But the number 1 thing I need to ask is why are your eyes always opened wide and square, in everyone of your wallpapers? it looks creepy ngl.

the lighting is alright in the 4th one

the first one is suffering from a little anti-aliasing problem. the text, well, just kinds doesn't fit there. neither the color nor the font.

the magic pattern thing in the second one doesn't quite fit the style either. It's too detailed. it's what sharpwind uses, we tried telling him but he wouldn't listen.

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Just one,but other than that MojangYang already explained. So that was this:

Using Glow Edges/Smooth Edges by scalling the subject with 3 size,and then use the spotlight,and play with the lighting. This will Atract 75% Users in this forums to Reacted to your Posts. 

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