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I made a Super Smash Bros Render!

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So I made a Render that has his skin in it And it is Super Smash Bros themed!

Want to make 2 more but I need some help Check out this link for the post

So here is the render!


I had to use some photo editing so sorry if the characters look squished

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So I had to make 2 renders 1 of CandyCat (my skin to the left) and 1 of Super Ultra Powerful (My friend's skin to the right) And then take out the background out of both of the render and then copy both of the characters and then paste them on to the Picture


15 hours ago, Mr M3m3~Chan said:

Something here is off... but I don't what it is

And I think it's the fact that Candy is more squished than Super Ultra Powerful. I had to resize them to look like they were in the game

Edited by CandyCat449
Forgot to add a word And also misspelte a word

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