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Fossils Archeology MOD Models (WIP)

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Hello people!

I was looking for movies to watch these days and I found Jurassic Park.

I had watched it before but watching it again brought me back a love for dinosaurs.

so I decided to make models of dinosaurs for animations.

I'm using the textures from the fossils archeology mod.

I already made an Allosaurus.


is not finished yet, the body still's a rigid block.


but look's cool i think...


they will have the female skin, sleeping variants and the skeleton skin.

the image above is of the female skin.


if possible, this model pack will have all dinosaurs, blocks and vehicles from immersive vehicles.

and to change the appearance, just change the skin.

so we can do genetic hybrids just by making customized skins maybe.

I hope you like the idea.

have a nice day!

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I'm going to do the same thing but for the Jurassic World Reborn mod. (The mod adds 80 creatures, some remodeled and some models from old Jurassicraft)

Though I have a question. How did you get the textures?

In the future i'll add blocks and skeletons. [And maybe action figures and vehicles (I'll put vehicles like submarines, jp and jw jeeps, etc) if i figure out how to)

Also Steve be ded in 2 seconds

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