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Subsurface Scattering with Light Bleed (MI 1.2.7)

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I've thought about the idea of "subsurface scattering" with light bleed for a while now, and today I tried it out for the first time, and my results were successful!

A real-world example of subsurface scattering for those who are confused:


Gurney Journey: Subsurface Scattering I

In Mine-imator (spotlight count: 9)


Image from behind



Here's the gist.

Knowing spotlight range directly changes the thickness of light bleed, I set up a folder rig with one spotlight with a very dark red hue and a very high range for very thick light bleed, then I simply duplicated it and lowered its range several times for a gradient effect. The dark red/orange colors stack on each other, giving a gradient effect.

A last spotlight is added with a low range as to not affect the light bleed. It's set to a blue hue to counteract the reds of the subsurface scattering.



How do you change the scatter range?

Simply hide a few spotlights with the largest range, then brighten the colors to counteract the loss of brightness from the missing spotlights.

Any further questions will be answered here upon request.


Download the test project HERE.

Important notice: your results may vary depending on your render settings. For the same results as the showcase image, you will need 15% blur size and 64 shadow blur quality.

Test project scaled by 8

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