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Original Comic - team required

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Hi all.

A quick preface: I wrote this post with a dry sense of humor in mind. Reading it back, I realise it doesn't necessarily read with that same sense of humor. In fact it could seem as if I'm taking myself completely seriously. I never ever take myself seriously. Imagine me delivering this to you in a completely deadpan style.

I've been around for a while, using Mine-imator since its first versions. I haven't been a very active member of the community; my only notable public project being a short lived unofficial continuation of the Nerd Cubed comic. I'm hoping to change that now.

Part of the reason I dropped the Nerd Cubed project so soon was the feeling of tip toeing around someone else's creation; it made me less creative. I'd now like to try a new project but I'm going to need some help.



Crevle is an idea I've had for over a decade. It's been planned as a video game, a novel, an animated series- nothing seemed to fit both the idea and my workflow. I've settled on turning the story into a graphic novel. Since this is an original concept, not based on or around Minecraft, it's reasonable to question why I want to use Mine-imator as a medium. Quite simply, I really like working in Mine-imator. I love the blocky style of Minecraft. The asthetic of some of the Modelbench creations I see lurking in these forums inspire me greatly. I believe that Mine-imator and Modelbench will produce a unique style for this project.

Let's talk!

Will I get paid?


Good question! Short answer: I hope so!

Long answer: The comic will be released for free online. I plan to try securing advertising around the comic, probably via a combination of adsense and private advertisers. I also plan to monetise the comic through publishing and merchandise. Since we will be producing all orginal art for the project, I have every intention of taking this to print, as well as the online hosted version. I hope to keep the team small and distribute profits evenly to make the project worthwhile for everyone.

That does, of course, leave us open to the risk of the project making no money at all. It's a risk we'll have to be willing to take.

We can't sell a Minecraft visual novel!


No. We aren't going to.

Every model, texture, character, and creature we use in this series will be 100% original. Not a pixel of Minecraft will be used. Remember, this is not a Minecraft related project, despite using Minecraft related tools to create it.

We won't even be using Minecraft schematics in the comic.

Who's needed for this team?


I'd like to start with what I'll be bringing to the team.

I will act as the writer for the project. I also have a grip on character posing and prop placement, as well as post production and constructing the final page. I will also contribute to texture creation. I will also be heavily involved in initial character and environment design.

I won't be sat barking orders, I will be very much a part of the team.

I do need the following:

Character modelers: I need one or two Modelbench specialists. You will be responsible for creating poseable character rigs from character design sketches.

Prop/environment modelers: I need one or two modelers to create props and pieces of scenery for the comic.

Texture artists: This project will require all original textures.

Scene builder: My grip on building atmosphere in Mine-imator is poor. I need people able to produce effective lighting, particles, fog, and bloom to build atmosphere. I will also need people to arrange pieces of scenery into a set. This will not involve building in Minecraft.

What are your credentials?


Most people online know me as Nexust. I stream on Twitch, provide graphic design to other streamers, and created my own chat bot.

Offline, I am CEO of a theatre and digital media company. I also write, direct, produce, and perform for the company. It is via this company that I plan to have the graphic novel published. As well as this, I am also a graphic designer for a clothing brand.

While some of the above may sound impressive, it serves only to backup the skills I intend to bring to the table rather than any implied success. I am incredibly broke otherwise I'd offer to pay you generously.

If all of that sounds good to you (or even somewhat agrreable, I'll take that), then get in touch! I want to see what you can do. Let's be friends*.

*Completely optional

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On 7/28/2020 at 6:04 PM, CRAZYKOKEBROZ said:

Ay, umm... I wouldn’t say Mine-Imator is the best place for making original comics.

But easily the best place for finding people proficient in Mine-imator/Model Bench

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5 minutes ago, nexust said:

But easily the best place for finding people proficient in Mine-imator/Model Bench

That is true. But I would prefer using a tool like Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint, ect. But the truth is that not a-lot of these tools are afordable / easy to learn. Most of these things take time, but are eventually able to be used properly. I myself am deciding on if I should draw things on paper, scan it on a printer, then draw around The outlines to draw/animate.

The point is, Mine-Imator isn’t your best choice for drawing a comic series, but it isn’t the worst either.

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I am interested in helping with the project (comic). I do know how to use modelbench but i dont know about advanced stuff. 


I would like to help as a Character Modeler.

On 7/23/2020 at 12:55 AM, nexust said:

Will I get paid?

I don’t ask anything. But I can’t do everything. I will try my best.


Discord: Sakkun#8758


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