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My second animation, more tips appreciated!

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1.you're definitely improving good job!

(practice is key)

2.there's a bit of foot sliding and the walk cycle is kinda monotonous.

(try giving some expression to the walk cycle and making his pose more relaxed)

3.the whole "action" part of this animation is kinda sudden.

(its really fast and there's no time to understand whats going on without re-watching it sometimes)

4.the camera is kinda jittery and abrupt.

(try some easing and out transitions)

5.the doors just part like the red sea when the zombie comes in and they fall slowly giving the impression that they are very light.

(they should have some anticipation and resist to the zombie breaking them down)

6.the lighting is kinda dull and boring.

(try experimenting with some reference images)

overall this is lot better than your previous work keep at it.

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11 hours ago, FancyPantsGirll said:

It's good to see another new animator like myself. Most of the people on here are really good and helpful. There are a ton of tutorial videos on youtube. I'm watching videos by Sharpwind. If you have any favorites please let me know.  

Same, also, check out AnxiousCynic (I think that's his name) videos

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At the end, it’s kind if hard to tell what’s going on. Maybe have less shifting camera angles, and one that can show most of the action while still being interesting.


Also, you might want to watch this:




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