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This animation preset I made with learned on youtube,But this is not a copyright.

Well if you want to see my Youtube Channel:LacaMenDRY. Just Type that name/Copy it.

READ THIS:if you want a more realistic movement,you can also make a little animation.

It's not that hard to make it,just choose how long you walk,and then make a up,and down body while the character walking.

just like in real life. you will not see,or never see people who just walking straight to the front where the person want to,without any special movement.

you know what i mean? 

ok so I want you to walk on your house,just a couple minute's,and then you will Realize that your body is go up,and down.

Now You Know What I mean Right?



Well The Download Link Is Here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/mn2ff3fi3vivpgb/Walk_Cycle.miframes/file

Please Notify Me if I have a mistake on the Animation,or something else.

Sorry For The English Language.

Edited by LacaMenDRY

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