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4 hours ago, Spontaneous Explosions said:

You said Hozq helped you do the effect? How was it done? Is there a tutorial on this?


2 hours ago, Draco63 said:


hozq did not directly help with this project, but he created a black hole effect earlier and i built off on his work

- create surface

- create mirror camera, parented to main camera

- create surface with a certain texture to make the first surface appear to be a circle; set render order on this surface to be lower than the first surface so the first surface is alpha'd

- set texture of first surface to mirror camera

- add distortion to mirror camera

- change distance/fov from mirror camera to surface to make it look proper

you can try and experiment with different methods, i personally made the first surface slightly transparent and made the mirror camera slightly black and rotated by one degree. it will be hard to make a wallpaper though since the mirror camera will feed into itself and amplify everything that you create when you render the scene

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20 hours ago, ItsZaaki said:

Shouldn't the Black hole cause distortion behind it instead of reflecting.

perhaps, now that i think about it i should have positioned the distortion camera behind the black hole surface instead of parented to the main camera


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On 1/7/2020 at 6:12 PM, Ian_The_One said:

the ship would be spaghetifying because of the immense force of the blackhole


you are scientifically correct good job

also spaghettification is my favorite word in the entire universe

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36 minutes ago, HeYoNia said:

a camera cant take a pic of a black hole because the black hole will succ it


facts also im downvoting because it defies the laws of nature.

perfectly balanced, as all things should be

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