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Luma Shaders [Now Available]

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Luma shaders is the official successor of Kuda shaders, which has been rewritten from scratch. It's main focus is gameplay to enjoy playing the game without any distractions from effects and what not. More information at Project Luma!

Some small requirements using Luma Shaders:
OpenGL 4.0

I am not the owner or creator of Luma shaders, this was created by Dedelner.


Screenshots by Korbs:






d90ae2_cfc6a841b9b34fcd891547488ab95f52~ [Not Full Size]

Screenshots by other users: 

2019-03-03_13.06.33.png  By 8scottsterling8

2019-03-04_20_35_33-Window.png  by Excederus

unknown.png  by Dedelner


Edited by Korbs
Sexy af

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4 hours ago, _Blue said:

Can it run on my potato laptop tho?

Ontopic: It looks amazing, gonna try it.

Even tho it's focused on gameplay, I'm afraid not.

So I would try Chocopic v7 Lite

8 hours ago, Davi12345 said:

This look %86 MI for me

The 6th shot would of crashed MI for me xd

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