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source : pixelgun-wiki.fandom.com

the file is called cyborg "arms" instead of "hands", but it doesn't matter.

revealed gun keyframe included on the archive, preview below :



as you can see, i made both default arm invisible cuz the model i made is just both right and left cyborg arms without body.

this arms model isn't bendable, and not supported for two layers skin.

Q: Is the model skin changeable? (idk if pronounce it right or not)

A: Yes it is, but not as simple as the other known models/rigs


you can see how to change the skin on the preview below, sorry if its a bit too fast :



thats it, hope you like it. don't forget to credit me if you use it, thx

click button below to download :

download model

as always, if there's any problem on my model, pls tell me.

and btw my pixel gun 3d username is Mr. Greeper, just start play it like 4 days ago

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