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Enviromental Props Pack

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The Banner is Currently W.I.P
do you want to decorate your scene but you don't have time to make new models?
well then this is a rig pack for you

Hello, and welcome to the Environmental Props Pack
this is both a rigs and a models pack, this rig in its current state is abit limited, but this rig will still
be updated

What do we have in the pack currently?
if there is a green text, that mean you can just customize it with just one click using 16x16 texture
if there is a Yellow
text, that
mean you can modify it, but you need some extra editing
Rock and Pebbles:






some self-made Flower:






A Tree Swing suggested by @SharpWind:



Foods! (W.I.P):



Texture Presets (24 Textures):

Preview of the Final Product:






most of this models focus around rocks but the next update will be focusing on improving the overworld and indoor stuff

Download Click me

i'm also open to community suggestion, so suggest me any models
that (for you) improve your scene so that i will try to recreate what you suggest
if you find any problem/bug, report it in DM or in this topic comment

That's its bye


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25 minutes ago, Ethanial said:

Damn that's nice.


17 minutes ago, Oh_Sans said:

owo that's nice

Damn, you are nice. Thanks

17 minutes ago, Cubic Ralsei said:

hacker realismman

Im no hacker, im no realism man, im just a normal dude :)

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Well I gotta say that "rocks" and this probably this post of yours will "spike"  up. Gotta "log" it of your effort. This is a "Swing" -ing subject, I guess you can say. "Flower" up to it.

K, my puns are really just bad... Nice though. 👍

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