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Oh boy here we go.


Q: Is this the Renegade Raider but with your skin on it?

A: Yes. Judge me all you want, I like it.


Q: Why?

A: Because I like the way the skin looked in Fortnite but I don't have it so I did the next best thing. (Thanks to my friend Demon Scotty for making this skin)


Yes, I know this will get downvoted, but I don't care. I had fun making it, so CC is suggested.  

Edit: I changed the photo so now it's actually showing the skin.



(for some reason, its stretched. im too lazy to fix it)



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1 hour ago, TheJeweledWolf said:

The posing is pretty akward. The legs aren't bent, though the arms are. The gun could've been scaled down as it looks large and funny. 

The legs are, but since its at an angle, you cant see the leg bent.

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