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I remember when I found that effect by accident in the demo 1.0.0 days. (I believe it has to do with scaling objects larger than normal). I think that lighting effect works better as a fake specular map, or for naturally glossy objects. But for characters or most things, I would advise you stay away from using this particular shading method as it looks odd. I honestly just find it funny that recently I've been seeing this effect being more widely used that I stumbled upon years ago. Great effect, but only best used in certain scenarios. My only other gripe with this photo is the composition of frame being a 'dutch angle'. I think angles like that can work, but here it's used with no real thought put into it. From experience I would say framing a shot is highly important with what kind of look/tone you want to archive. Other than these criticisms, I think at least the set pieces and set design is rather nice.

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