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Duplicating keyframe timeline

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I really hate having to go to the start of an animation to put the initial frame to put something invisible. For example: At minute 1 of the animation, 3 blocks are spawned at the same time.

So you need 1 keyframe at the begining and 1 keyframe at minute 1 for each block. Why I cant just copy all the keyframes and paste them on the next object in the same order? there should be a way. What I mean is, keyframes are pasted wherever the timeline marker is sitting at. So if you are at minute 1, the keyframes get pasted there, and I need it from the start, so I need to move the market to the start and this is annoying. I dont know if you are following.

I know you can export keyframes and import them but this is unnecesary, there should be a faster shortcut key.

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23 minutes ago, ThatRobloxerGamerYT said:

copy the keyframes on that cube, then click the other cube then paste

But they are pasted starting from where the timeline black horizontal line is at, thats the point of my thread.

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