Importing your skin to my animation for my bday 6/7

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Importing your skin to my animation for my bday

Soo... does anyone want to be in my animation for my birthday? just type your minecraft name or send me a link of your skin (or send me a rig of your skin) and pick your role below

(only 6 out of 7 right now!):

1 dude at home- @GamingQuick

1 dude at the store (had one curse word but it will be censored)-

2 random person at the store- @Toybonne , @BaconSandwich

3 guest's at party- @Ghatos, @TheJeweledWolf, @Fray

and if your curious what my animation will it be...





Im gonna use this: 


Feel free to participate : D (and i hope i'm able to finish this animation before my birthday :'') )

Birth date: feb 23

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