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lesley schicksal the Speed queen

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vehicle (adding more stuff and textures)


lesley (adding 2nd version with full armor)


cannon and Lmg's


note:again if you message me saying why u making so much wrk in progress and wallpaper stuff

the reason why cus im gunna use this to make an animation and story animation (btw i dont have a high processor if i make and animation to long my pc will keep crashing and i can only make rigs and wallpapers) i will buy a new laptop soon tho, but anyways hope u like the rig 

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4 hours ago, TheJeweledWolf said:

Just work on lighting and do your best. Have fun, it's the most important part.


5 hours ago, Fray said:

Just work on some lighting


5 hours ago, xXsentienXx said:

it is i dont know whats happening

Its called lack of motivation. You can work all you want, but your content quality will suffer. Just working on the lighting doesn't make something look better.

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