Need a Thumbnail done up for a Singleplayer Hardcore Survival Let's Play

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I have plans to try and do a Hardcore Minecraft Let's Play, and I have come here to ask for someone who can do up a thumbnail for my series, I can easily say I would like a thumbnail similar to this:


Now I know that is a complex rig CaptainSparklez is using, I personally am just looking for a more Mine-Imator capable version, The way I envision the "Pose" is merely a "I'm a survivor" sort of pose with the facial expression of determination, I also play to add a Hardcore heart and title to the thumbnail so for the most part a transparent background(I am great at working with green screen) is a must.


To find my skin, search for IDGam3rPlaysMC, I should represent a dude with brown-ish hair with a red shirt, black pants and white shoes(cannot upload to dropbox or anything else because upload speed is so bad the upload takes days, yes even a 1mb file takes at least 2 days.


I cannot afford to pay so this is all volunteer,(I will give you credit for the thumbnail)

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Hey, I know I'm really late but I needed something to do and I had extra time.




Green Screen:



Both are in 1080p

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