I made a concept for a new website design for the forums

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I tried to make it look more like the style Modelbench was going for with a more modern and more clean design. I also took some colors from Modelbench. I obviously could've done a little better with this but I think I got my point across. I think the header might be due for a remake as well, but that's my opinion.

I feel like the colors on the Announcements box sort of make up for the loss of fun textures on the background, but I want to get your input on that.

If I had been using Paint.NET I could've made it look better but I'm currently away from home.

Obviously I don't expect this to be added or anything, this was just something fun I cooked up because I wondered what the forums would look like in the style of Modelbench.


EDIT: Oop, just realized I accidentally edited the search box along with the grass blocks. That was supposed to stay the same shade as it is now.

Another EDIT: I've been told the yellow and red colors kind of ruin it, which I definitely see. Again, I didn't pour my heart and soul into this or anything, it's just a really quick mock-up I made for fun and I'd love to get more feedback.

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They should probably do this in winter, beacause it's all white. But, in other seasons, they could keep the style appropriate. Good concept, tho!

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Tbh it's just a recolor with a more jarring appearance to the eye, I prefer this one we currently have much more. The current one is pleasant to look at and coincidentally it goes well with the Mine-Imator and Modelbench interface style. 

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