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Update you want in Minecraft

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Hi guys i have a question for you..... have you ever wonder to have thing you want in minecraft like More animals,Dragons,Villager that have ARM (:V) ,or more!! So in this post i want you guys to says what update that you guys really want in minecraft!!

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I want an update that would add more redstone stuff, optimize it even more, and the rendering engine getting an upgrade to a newer version of OpenGl.

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Here's a list


Orceanus Orca, Also Known as Killer Whale

  • Spawn: Ice Bergs
  • Health: 40.5 - 30 Hearts
  • Damage:
    Easy: 5 Hearts (10 on Charge Attack)
    Normal: 10.5 Hearts ( 25.5 on Charge Attack)
    Hard: 35.5 (45 on Charge Attack)
  • Charge Attack: It stays in the water for a short period of time, then jumps out of the surface and deal damage to players. When charging, the Orca makes Bubble particle around it
  • Can be tamed using fishes, Ride-able with a special saddle
  • Swim in a school up to 5 - 8 Individual


  • Can be crafted by using:
    2 Sails (Recipe)
    A normal Boat
  • Speed: Depend on the wind Speed/Strength (Wind Strength over 40 can flip the boat. The further you sail out from land, the stronger the wind)

That's all

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