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GraveYard Of Death (4K)

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YAY, My new animation is Halfway done.

Here's a sneak peek if your interested


I know it's a bit blurry but gimme sometime and I'll surely improve.

As always, Created in Mine-Imator

Edited in Paint.net

Yeesh, Forgot to credit the guys behind the rigs

The Desert Eagle rig: Daffle_The_One

Blade rig: SKIBBZ

Edited by JB Animations

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1 hour ago, -StickyMations- said:

:0 that's neat! How long is this animation gonna be though? It sure as hell looks cool, looking forward to it

Not sure. But, It will be over 5 minutes for sure

37 minutes ago, EthanForeverAlone said:

Aren't grave yards usually filled with death?

Yes, but mine has a little bit of action added to the mix

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