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DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for what happens to your pc or if you get a virus or something like that

so now thats out the way lets get started

step 1: download this

step 2: download a rar extracting program (id recommend Winrar its completely free...ish)

step 3: locate, rightclick it then left click "exract to fullscreenizer" after that it should create a folder called fullscreenizer

step 4: delete the zip and open the folder

step 5: run fullscreenizer.exe as administrator (right click fullscreenizer.exe and select "run as administrator")

step 6: select "Mine-imator" and click fullscreenize


pretty easy

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17 hours ago, HeYoNia said:

W-why is this even necesarry.

some people including myself dont like programs that are windowed 

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