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Anthony's Rigs

The Betweenlands Pack

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Hey everybody, I just found this awesome mod yesterday called The Betweenlands!

Now I've decided to make some rigs on them!


Now, If you've been on the internet for a while, you might have already seen some of the mummy rigs for mine-imator, But mine are different!

They are clean and simple to animate, and they look straight out of the mod!

And I've even got more mobs too!







Now for some reason, the see-through part of the sludges look weird, but trust me, it looks different in mine-imator.

This pack includes: (counting from right to left)

Dreadful peat mummy

Peat mummy

Swamp Hag


Small Sludge




Fun fact: Swamp hag, Chiromaw, and Sporeling's eye's all glow.

Fun fact #2: Swamp hag looks totally sick! (no pun intended)


Download: Here


Have Fun!

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