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New update.
This one's a WW1 themed update that @MYSELF3200 and I have been working on for months.

Here's all it did:
-Updated the Lewis gun
-Added the aircraft variant of the Lewis gun
-Added the MP 18, I
-Added the M1909 Benet-Mercie
-Added the Webley Self-Loading Pistol Mk. 1
-Added the Winchester M1907
-Added the CSRG M1915, more commonly known as the Chauchat
-Added the SMLE Mk. 1
-Added the M1897 Trench Gun, requested by @PhiliP
-Added the Stielhandgranate

And that's all, this is by far the biggest update ever made for the Modelbench Armory and this wasn't even all I had planned.
I intend to be more productive past here and I'll hopefully be able to finish all the requests and open this back up soon.

Thanks for all the support you've given me making this project.

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