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Minecraft Pocket Editon Custom Music Discs Not Working At All I need a lot of help anyone who can help me I will thank you guys a lot

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I don't understand this either I'm doing the .ogg files right and now it's like acting like the music discs are not reading them like music at all 😡 I'm getting mad at this game now. 😞 and idk why it's not working in my game I can't even hear my music playing through the jukebox yet the regular mcpe music pack works just fine WHY ISNT IT NOT WORKING WITH MY MUSIC. Btw I also wanted this as the nether theme because it's my favorite but I can't even get that to work either. 😢 I'm tempted to just give up on all of it. Btw here's the link to the nether theme I wanted to work

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First off, that title is long as hell

Are you sure the files are .ogg not .mp3 or .wav?

Did you have some video on your computer showing step by step how to do this?

I had an issue like this on roblox, i tried to make a custom death sound, however ROBLOX signed the sound file, so its almost impossible (that i know of) to change deathsounds

that could be your issue aswell

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