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An Outdoor Christmas Party

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Ah, nothin like a good ole fashion outdoor Christmas party

As with the last time I made a Christmas wallpaper, it was so laggy that I couldn't really make it very Christmas-like

Still, hope it's alright 


From left to right: @TheSociallyAwkwardTurtle, @Mike, @Swift, @Simon G. Andersen, @Zeno, @-StickyMations-, @EthanForeverAlone, @Colonel Muffin, me, @Pigeon_, @Quickstreak, @Emaniplex, @NietyFox, @CaptainClipy, and @Enchantek

EDIT: I forgot to credit @BloxTheRigger for the Christmas tree. My bad

Edited by MachineGunInc
Also wanted to change the title a little bit

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So good I had to remove my reaction from another thing to like this.         

(Sorry, LIsPixel.)      

Edited by EnderSculptor

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