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R E A L I T Y - Concept 5 [TEASER]

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Your finger movement is on point. Not many people achieve that, great work.

And umm. I'm kinda weirded out by all these fans. Because your video has some clear ties to what's been going on in your life. I obviously don't know everything going on, but there are some messages here. These "fans" are just here because they like the edginess and the cool fight scenes. And you know that. No concept has a dramatic endcard with a release date. I bet you 90% of your subscribers don't actually care. They just want your cool-looking content. And it sucks that you've actually said all this before but no one listens.

(I actually talked with you about it before...  )


Everyone's just "dude it's gonna be rad looking forward to it kek". I find it legitimately sad that these people are so mindless and hungry for content. They don't care about the point of the video, they don't care about the deeper meaning. I don't really think I can even have an opinion since I haven't seen the last 3 concepts nor have I seen recent things on your channel, and I don't even know if I'm watching this video the way I should. But, as an outside viewer, I am sorry. I am so sorry you're being milked for your content at this point.

[Coming back to post after looking at your channel again and the April fool's video you made. Haven't been here since "I've Had Enough"] it actually seems like you're happier. Judging by the titles and thumbnails of your recent videos, you're starting to actually have fun making your work. That's good my dude.

I was originally going to just delete this post all-together after seeing your channel, but I think some of it may still have some merit.

I'm now realizing that it's been a over a year since your I've Had Enough video, and I really don't know anything that's been going on. I'm still gonna post this, though. Sorry for the huge post, mods. Give me a warning point of you want.

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1 hour ago, Colonel Muffin said:

-lots of text-

Tons of growth has happened within the last year. With Pepper (my friend and co writer of the series) having passed away, many of my friends who have already seen the completed parts of the animation have noticed that theres a point where the animation suddenly changes its style instantaneously. It changes from how the other concepts are made from such a massive point where I couldn't bring myself to continue without my best friend. According to them (SKIBBZ, Fosni, Vash) they've never seen me put so much detail into a single animation in all my years of animating. The beginning is quite simple and bland and then halfway through the fight, theres a huge switch of styles. this is definitely my favorite one so far and I really appreciate you understanding so much deeper meaning behind this.

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By the way, you're okay with the thing in the signature, right?

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Because I can

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