So I made this Godzilla 2014 rig that doesn't look that bad (download)

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So yeah I started messing around in MI one day to see if I could get the shape of godzilla using several mob parts and it

surprised me how good it looked so I wanted to finish the rig and that stuff...


Anyway, here you have the link. Don't bend the neck, don't pose the fingers on a rotation of +0 degrees,

don't rotate the lower jaw more than 140 degrees bla bla, this rig tries to replicate Godzilla's 2014 version but it has 5 fingers

on each hand instead of 4 like in the movie... but I don't care, it just looked stupid and ugly with 4 fingers.

 Atomic glow is avaliable for each spike he has on his back, not gonna lie it's gonna be a pain for you

to activate the glow for each spike individually, but at least it's there.




Btw have this creepy pic of godzilla staring at your soul. I found this randomly when making this rig hehe



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